Land Navigation Training

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Our animated and interactive Land Navigation Training software helps trainees, both new to land navigation and prior service members, learn and increase their land nav skills. This training aid embeds animated 3D terrain models, animated graphics, instructional text, pictures, interactive exercises, 40 question Land Navigation Test and examples from almost every aspect of land nav. From ROTC cadets to Battalion Commanders, this is the perfect training aid to refresh and enhance land nav skills.

For prior-service members, including Active Duty, Reserves and National Guard, land nav is a perishable skill. Bi-annual training is required to stay trained-up on one of the most widely over looked tasks. This training aid will quickly refresh and enhance your unit's land nav abilities.

Training Categories Include:

  • Marginal Map Information
  • Terrain Features
  • Determine Location
  • Orient a Map
  • Determine Grid Coordinates
  • Determine Elevation
  • Determine Azimuth
  • Determine Distance
  • Intersection & Resection
  • Land Navigation Test

The Land Navigation Test includes 40 questions referencing exercises throughout the Land Navigation Training program. At the end of the test, trainees can print out their results which include their percentages from each category, their overall percentage, name and date. The test and printed results can easily be used by instructors to assess their trainee’s land nav comprehension.

This version is a stand-alone application, which works much like a PowerPoint presentation and a license must be purchased for every computer which it is installed on. We also provide an online version which can be hosted on your website and made available to an unlimited number of users.